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2015 Top 50 List for NFL Jersey Sales Has Been Announced! (4/21/15)

The 2015 Top 50 list for NFL Jersey sales has been announced. The Houston Texans are well represented with J.J. Watt coming in at #8! Watt is one of four non QBs to make the top ten.

Russel Wilson retained the #1 spot again in 2015 just behind Peyton Manning. Tom Brady came in third, but we can't find anyone who will admit to owning a Brady jersey so maybe he's buying his own. Colin Kaepernick and Aaron Rodgers are numbers four and five respectively and Dez Bryant comes in at 6th followed by Richard Sherman. J.J. Watt, Marshawn Lynch and Johnny Manziel round out the top 10.

Watt is the only Texan in the top 50 but we're expecting that to change in 2016 as the Texans make a deep playoff run. Look for Clowney and Wilfork to be on this list next year!

Voluntary Conditioning Begins Today (4/20/15)

The Houston Texans are together again as they begin voluntary team conditioning. Many of the players have been conditioning on their own but Phase 1 strength conditioning camp begins today and will continue over the next two weeks. Stay tuned for news and updates.

Vince Wilfork on Signing with the Texans (4/6/15)

Vince Wilfork was recently asked about his excitement level about the upcoming season. He stated that he was "off the charts excited" about being in Houston. Wilfork, a 5 pro-bowler with 2 Super Bowl rings, discussed feeling like a rookie here in Houston and bringing that same high level of passion and love of the game with him. Wilfork stated that the first, and last, place that he wanted to play football after leaving the Patriots was here in Houston. I will speak for Houston and say that we're glad he's here.

Wilfork also expressed a high level of excitement about playing with J.J. Watt. Wilfork went further and said that he wants to "let J.J. be J.J." and that he wants to "learn from and play off of Watt", who he describes as a "great" and "dynamic" football player. This is very high praise coming from a future NFL Hall of Fame inductee who has played with, and against, some of the best to have ever played the game.

Wilfork dislikes being labeled as a nosetackle, despite the success he has enjoyed playing that position throughout his career. He prefers to be known, and describes himself, as a defensive lineman. He believes that he can play anywhere on the line and be effective. We believe that he can do nothing but help J.J. Watt be more effective.

J.J. keeps giving

J.J. Watt restructured his contract with the Texans to free up 8 million dollars in cap space for 2015. Watt agreed to turn his 10 million dollar roster bonus into a signing bonus. This spreads the bonus out over the course of his contract and will count 2 million per year toward the cap for the next 5 years as opposed to 10 million dollars in 2015. This move increases the Texans' free agency options considerably. This could be an indication of big news in Houston over the next few months.

Jadeveon Clowney taken in the first round.

Jadeveon Clowney, former South Carolina defensive end, is the newest Houston Texan after being selected with the first-overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Texans general manager and executive president Rick Smith said "I’m obviously very excited with the selection of Jadeveon and what he can add to our organization and our football team, our community and our defense," Rick Smith said in his Thursday press conference. "He’s an impact player. We always talk about impact players and adding those types of athletes to our organization. He certainly fits the bill."
Imagine a possible duo of J.J. Watt and Clowney, primed to give opposing quarterbacks nightmares.
“I’ve been watching him (Watt) a long time," Clowney said in an interview with NFL Network. "I can’t wait to play alongside him.”


Clear Bag

NFL Stadium bag

So this is the official NFL Stadium bag.  Starting this season all NFL Stadiums including Reliant Stadium have implemented restrictions on the types if bags you can bring into the game.  Approved are clear Plastic bags 12” x 6” x12” or smaller.  These could include a gallon size zip lock bag.  Ladies, if you want to carry a purse, 4.5” x 6.5” is the maximum size. 

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